Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have food?

No, We do not have a kitchen at Blue Chip. We have a popcorn machine that you are more than welcome to snack from. You can also order food if your would like. Uber Eats, Pizza, Jimmy Johns, & Skip the Dishes all deliver to Blue Chip.

When do you have live music?

Live music and DJ's are at Blue Chip when we think there will be a night with a good crowd. We try to mix it up and keep everyone happy. Loud music is not for everyone. Please check IG & FB to see when we have events or Live Music! We do have a touch tunes juke box though. Feel free to play whatever you want as long as it's good. ;)

Is there a dress code?

No, Blue Chip is a come as you are bar. You can dress casual or dress up. As long as you stop by and say hi we don't judge!

Is there a cover?

No, We do not charge a cover.

Do you buy all the UFC Fights?

We buy all the major fights. Blue Chip is sort of known for being the perfect bar to watch UFC at with our 9 TV's and one of them being 85" !! We do not charge a cover and will always advertise what fights we are going to buy a week in advance. If you are looking for a specific fight you can always call and one of our bartenders can help answer your questions. If you have a fight request please message us on FB or text 402.880.8084.

Was the Alligator and Sailfish alive at one point?

The Alligator is real. He was shot in Florida by Sierra in 2016.

The Sailfish is a replica. It was caught in Costa Rica and released alive right after he was measured for the mount.